Life through a lense

Rosie. 19. Student.
Nottingham. London.
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Found a whole section in one of my cook books for ‘cocktail cupcakes’, how have I never seen this before?! So I tried out some Pimm’s cupcakes today, pretty yummy if I say so myself. 
So this was one of the funniest half hours  I can remember. Ross volunteered to help out and ended up having the guy walking over him, dressed like this and juggling knives… London’s an odd place.
I want a penguin please?
How did fish evolve to be so odd?
I don’t know what this is but I like it. 
So London Aquarium is awesome, I was like such a little kid! No idea why I’ve never been before 
Touristy weekend with the boyfriend for my birthday, including London Aquarium, China town, the theatre, and taking part in street theatre with knives. 
Shameless summer selfies 
Dramatic posing from my Dad wile I attempt to take new head shots for him
So I didn’t take this and it’s not a wonderful photo - but it’s of my family after we all did a charity cancer run at the hospital where my Aunt works and I was really proud of us and I like it very much. 
My costume for my friend’s Disney party in April. I never usually make much effort with costumes but I love Russell so I thought I should do him justice.
Looking too cool in the fake car
1920’s themed spring formal at University with my flat mates

Night out with school friends before we leave for uni.

Finished puppy painting